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About Us

The Mountain Laurel Country Store first opened in October of 2019 at 400 4th street, in historic downtown Sutton, West Virginia. The store is proudly owned and operated by Louis and Laurel Petolicchio, who have grown their business to include approximately 50 consigners, most of whom are local artisans. The store is located in the historic William Hampton Lee building (W. H. Lee) which was built in 1900 and originally served central West Virginia as a hardware store.

The store notably features its original 120 year old stamped tin ceilings, it’s beautiful and historic American chestnut floors, and the original manually operated freight elevator.

When Mountain Laurel Country Store was first envisioned, incorporating locally made crafts and gifts was an important aspect of our business plan. Among the earliest items presented to us for sale in our store were woodcrafts harkening back to the “Old Man of the Woods” – who we later learned was a regional moniker for Sasquatch, which had been observed in the mountains of West Virginia for generations but was simply taken as another feature of the Appalachian Mountains. Wood carvings of Bigfoot were such a popular item we eventually opened the WV Bigfoot Museum next door.

The Mountain Laurel Country Store now includes a great variety of arts, crafts, carvings, tools, furniture, antiques, soaps, essential oils, jewelry, knives and an old-fashioned candy counter!

If you are looking for a classic and inviting old country store experience, look no further than the Mountain Laurel Country Store in historic downtown Sutton, West Virginia!

Nearby Attractions

WV Bigfoot Museum

Connected to the store is the West Virginia Bigfoot Museum, which works through the store to feature many Bigfoot-centric items from both other businesses and local consignors. The museum currently includes a large collection of original Bigfoot footprint casts from around West Virginia as well as cast copies from around the rest of the United States. The museum also has posters of local and statewide Bigfoot accounts, a compiled binder of Bigfoot sightings, a Bigfoot sightings map, and museum quality replica skulls of an Orangutan, a mountain gorilla, and a Gigantopithecus.

Flatwoods Monster Museum

The Flatwoods Monster Museum is located just a block down Main Street and offers displays such as one of a kind collections and artifacts, historic items, memorabilia, books, and more.

Elk River Hotel & Cafe

Formerly Cafe Cimino, the Elk River Hotel & Cafe offers comfortable and spacious accommodations on the banks of the Elk River. Amenities include EV and Tesla chargers, an onsite cafe, natural gas fireplaces, carriage home, outdoor covered patio, and a bar.